1) What kind of Church is St. Barnabas Church?
We are an Anglican Christian Church situated in the royal town of Klang, State of Selangor, Malaysia.  We are a diverse church with people of various ages and from various backgrounds, but who are united by our common love for Jesus and our desire to gather around his Word.

2) Do I have to be an Anglican to Attend?
Not at all. You are welcome to attend, whatever your faith background may be – or even if you consider yourself to have no faith. St. Barnabas Church is a place for those who believe, and for those who are still exploring what to believe

3) How long are your services?
Our Sunday worship services are approximately 1 ½ hours

4) What should I wear?  Is there a dress standard at your church?
Our church does not have a dress code. Dress ranges from casual to “Sunday Best.”

5) What style of worship do you have?
The overall feel of our Sunday morning worship celebration is encouraging and high energy.  Our Sunday morning worship service is blended in style to include hymns and modern praise & worship songs of faith.  Our Choir also sings during many of the worship services. The messages are relevant and applicable to everyday living.

6) I have children;  do you have something for them?
How do I check them in?  How do I know they will be safe?
We have Sunday School classes for younger children during the worship. Please refer to our Sunday School Superintendent. We can check in your children, help you find their class, and answer any questions you may have. We do have a creche room for parents with toddlers. Rest assured that all of our team members have been trained and background checked. The older children are encouraged to attend the main service. 

7) What should I expect when I arrive for Sunday Worship?
Our worship service is characterized by an intent focus on the Bible and its truths applied to our lives, along with joyful and reverential worship, giving thanks and praising God for what he has done for us in Jesus Christ. You can expect a worship service at St.Barnabas Church to usually open with singing, followed by confession, passing of the peace and dismissal of the children to their Sunday School classes, Bible readings, corporate prayer, a clear teaching based on one of the Bible readings, and then a celebration of Holy Communion every Sundays.

8) What version of the Bible is your Church using?
Our Clergies use the New International Version (NIV) for preaching and teaching. However,some people who attend our services use other translations such as:the English Standard Version (ESV), New American Standard Bible (NASB), King James Version (KJV) and the New King James Bible (NKJV).

9) Is your Church affiliated with any denomination?
St. Barnabas Church is affiliated with the Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia. Some who attend St.Barnabas Church come from a variety of denominational backgrounds.

10) What about accessibility?
Our church sanctuary is wheelchair-accessible from the parking areas through the arcade entrance. Fellowship Hall are wheelchair-accessible from the same parking areas opposite the sanctuary.

11) How is your Church governed?
St.Barnabas Church is spiritually led by the Vicar, Revd.(Dr.) Vijendra Daniel. It is further governed by the men and women who make up the Parochial Church Council – some of whom are appointed by the Vicar, others of whom are elected by the congregations. As part of the wider Anglican Communion, St.Barnabas Church receives additional oversight from the Bishop and the Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia.

12) What type of preaching will I hear?
Preaching is the center of the worship service. We believe that expository verse by verse preaching is the most effective method of teaching and preaching the Word of God.

13) Who can be baptized or married at your Church?
Adults and children who are active in church or wish to join the church may be baptized.  Normally only active members of the worshiping community may be married. Please contact the church for printed information concerning these ceremonies, or speak with one of our clergies. Contact the church office for further information.

14) What does your Church offer for married couples?
St.Barnabas Church not only offers marriage preparation for new couples, but also marriage enrichment for couples at any stage in marriage.

15) Who may receive communion at your Church?
When Anglicans celebrate the Lord’s Supper, all baptized Christians present, of whatever denomination, are invited to partake, along with children of any age who have been baptized.

16) How can I become a member?
If you would like to become a member of St.Barnabas Church, start to get involved in the life of the church by attending our Sunday worship services regularly. By this way you get to know us and we get to know you. Note : You can't and not allowed hold dual membership.

17) How can I make a financial gift to your Church?
God calls us to use our time, talent and treasure in service and worship of Him.
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